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a ガゼット fanfiction community

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the kai-kitten comm
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the kai kitten comm - v.1.1 -- The Light

kaix_xkai is a community dedicated to the (fictional) romantic relationship (most specifically yaoi, but not required to be) between 戒 (Kai), drummer of the JRock band ガゼット and, well, anyone!

This is a yaoi-friendly community (because we said so, dammit). Please do not join if you a) don't know what YAOI is, b) are offended by beautiful men depicted in romantic or erotic relationships with one another, and/or c) have a problem with fans pairing up Kai and other gorgeous men in more than innocent settings.

That said, if you're still here, welcome!

The Rules
Of course, like any good community, we do have a couple of rules. But they're mostly painless, really, we promise.

1) BE NICE. If you can't be civil to each other, then go somewhere else. This is a LOVE community, so let's show some love, okay? Good.
2) Keep on topic. We're here for love of Kai, after all, so if it's not Kai-centric, this isn't the right place for it. We'll merrily accept: fanfiction, fanart, fansites, graphics (ie wallpapers, icons, colorbars, etc), and even cosplay photos.
3) Follow posting format. Mark your posts appropriately, use tags when you can, and stick to format. For fanart, that means a rating/warning and pairing. For fanfiction, that means an entire form:
Chapter: [pseudo-optional; to be used to mark oneshot, n/x, or n/?]
Author: [self-explanatory, I think]
Genre: [ie: drama, action, fluff, PWP, H/C, romance]
Warnings: [required field for the following: deathfic, rape/non-con, graphic violence, graphic drug use, bdsm/kink/explicit sex. Don't argue with me, just do it, okay?]
Rating: [The American system (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17) seems to be the most widely known, so we promote using that. Need a rough guide? Gen fic is generally G/PG, kissing tends to bump to PG-13, limes are R and lemons are NC-17.]
Pairings/Characters: [There are at least a dozen different operators and conventions for how to mark pairings, but let's at least try to be consistent, (seme)x(uke), okay?]
Summary: [A quick line or two about your fic.]
Comments: [Anything else you want to tell us about your process, any usage or cultural notes, thanks to betas and commenters, that sort of thing]

4) The lj-cut is your friend. Use it. Multiple icons, multiple thumbnails, full-sized wallpapers or fanart, full-sized cosplay photos, and all fanfiction should be under a cut. Need the code? The tag is: <lj-cut text="your text here">[content]</lj-cut> [Note: closing tag optional if using only one cut.]
5) Introduction posts are optional. If you want to take a minute to post an intro, that's fine, but please try to have more than just a "hi my name is [xxx] and Kai-chan is soooooo kawaii~!"

Have questions? Need to let the mods know about something? Contact one of us either at the comm e-mail address or using the welcome entry.

To be archived you MUST format your fic with the above formatting. I will not spend the extra time trying to determine a fic's status, type up a synopsis, any of that. If it's not formatted, it's not archived.

If you would like to be excluded from the archive (what a shame), please make note of it in your comments. Any fic without a blaring "do not archive" will be archived if it follows format. We will also adding fics by pairing to the community archive as well as using tags.

Final Warning
This is a yaoi community for the various loves of Kai and other real j-rock personas. If that offends you in anyway, please leave now. We will not tolerate bashers, flamers, or any of the hater-like people. Trolls will be banned, spammers will be reported to LJ.

This community is in no way affilated with the band Gazette or it's members. It's contents are fictional and for entertainment purposes only.

Sister Communities & Other Affiliates

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kiku_kitten :: Aisling :: kiku_kitten AT livejournal.com
spinshadow :: Selah :: spinshadow AT livejournal.com

Layout info:
v1.0-1.1: The Light -- compiled by Selah (spinshadow) from scans taken from Zy vol. 27, scanned by mahiru_no_koe, for the exclusive use of kaix_xkai. Not to be taken, archived, offered, or recompiled, or reverse engineered.

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