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Sugar Cube 01/10

Title: Sugar Cube 01/10
Author: YuMi (bloody_story)
Beta : slowdead
Fandom: The Gazette
Pairing: Kai x Uruha
Rating: PG
Prompt: # 1 - First @ 10_dates
Warnings & Notes:
Yaoi. Fluff =D
''Tell me honey what are you smiling for ?''

Do you want to go with me ?

His hands were sweaty because of how nervous he was and his heart was pounding in his chest. It didn’t matter how many times he tried to rehearse what he had to say, it still felt as if his life depended on those few moments. He looked at the blond guy who was currently laughing just a few meters away, ignoring the gaze on him. Kai really wanted to go and talk to him but the other boys around the ‘oh so pretty blond’ scared him. So he just had to wait. But the more he waited the more nervous he got and the more he started wondering if asking Uruha to go to the senior’s football match with him was such a good idea. Every trimester there was a really big encounter between two high schools and this Saturday it would be Kai’s own school that had to play against the team who had won the trophy last year. It would be a big event in every student’s life, even for those who weren’t into football. It was just a question of pride; every students wanted to be able to say “MY school won.”

The bell rang before Kai had had the chance to ask the other boy, and he sighed deeply as he went to his next class, disappointed about his own cowardly behaviour. He barely listened to his teacher and he wasn’t even able to say what the lesson was about, maybe French grammar or … No Kai simply wasn’t able to think about anything other than the popular and beautiful blond boy called Uruha. It was a pity that they weren’t in the same class, but in a way Kai though it was probably better this way, he wouldn’t be able to focus on his studies if Uruha was with him during all the lessons anyway. His marks were already a disaster, no need to make the things even worse.

The bell rang again and Kai rushed to his locker, putting his notebooks in side. As he closed it, he saw Uruha walking next to some of the other “popular” guys. Kai looked at the blond but he hadn’t expected Uruha to look back at him… but that’s exactly what the blond did. Kai felt dizzy from gazing in those brown orbs, and he felt even more dizzy when the blond waved and smiled at him. Kai only managed to blush in return as he tried to smile back, but the result wasn’t very convincing. This reaction only amused Uruha more and so he smiled a bit wider before leaving the school. The day was over and Kai still hadn’t asked Uruha this question that was now controlling his life.

Kai left the school too, angry with himself. I’m such a fucking coward ! As he was waiting at his bus stop he couldn’t stop thinking about how he’d be able to see Uruha alone, without his friends. Sure the guy was popular but he couldn’t always be with them, he surely needed some time alone. But when ?

When he arrived back home Kai said a little ‘hi’ to his mother before going in his room. There he crawled in his bed, unable to think about anything but Uruha, he only had one day left to ask the blond to go with him. He was scared of missing his chance, he was scared of being rejected… Kai only realized he had fallen asleep when his mother woke him up for dinner. He barely spoke that evening, not even noticing his mother’s worried look.

Afterwards he returned to his room, he turned off the light before going to sleep again leaving his homework unfinished, why should he care after all ? Like a math equation would ever help him to convince Uruha to go out on a date with him ? No, so why should he hurt his brain by staring at some numbers?

The next day he saw Uruha again and the blond was still surrounded by his friends. Kai wondered if he’d be able to talk to the other boy face to face without a giggling boys’ group around them. Kai went to his class room sighing, he had totally lost all of his hope of asking Uruha out. He wasn’t even sure if Uruha was gay or not, or at least bi. Maybe Uruha had a pretty girlfriend with long dark hair, cute brown eyes, and a smile to die for, a girl Uruha probably loved dearly. He wouldn’t care about someone like Kai who wasn’t popular… Kai wasn’t interesting for anyone. When the bell rang for the last time that day Kai did the same thing he had done the day before. He was sure that he could forget the idea of being with Uruha anyway, the idea of holding his hand, the idea of kissing him and… A voice behind him stopped him in his daydream; and when he saw who had called him a blush appeared on his cheek and his heart started beating faster.

- Hey Kai what’s up ?!

Uruha was running toward him until he reached his side so he was able to walk next to Kai. They were alone. He was acting so cool. He was so pretty. Everything was perfect. Okay I must be dreaming, wake up Kai ! But the blond was still by his side, looking at him a little funny and a little worried too.

- Kai are you okay ?

Kai blushed even more but after a while he finally managed to start talking again.

- Y-yeah I’m okay ! Mmmh, what about you ?
- Me too ! What are you doing Saturday ?
- Saturday ? Tomorrow ?
- Yup !

Saturday, the big day, Kai had already put a big red cross on his calendar. It was the same Saturday as the senior’s match. The day he was supposed to spend with Uruha,… but that would never happen right ? He never asked him, so it wasn’t supposed to happen.

- Uhm, I don’t have any plans…
- Okay, so do you want to go to the match with me?

Okay this is a dream, it can’t be anything else ! Kai froze and stopped walking and so Uruha did the same, watching him expectantly. Then Kai realized he never gave his answer and he smacked himself mentally before answering, a bit too enthusiastically. Uruha didn’t seem to notice though.

- Of course I want to !!
- Great ! I’ll pick you up at 2 tomorrow !

Uruha smiled widely before pecking Kai on the lips quickly, he then ran to his bus stop, waving at Kai who had frozen once more. Kai’s fingers brushed his lips and he simply couldn’t believe what had just happened. In the end it was Uruha who asked him to go out, it was Uruha who kissed him first, and tomorrow would be their first date. Kai smiled widely and almost ran back to his house, he was simply too excited about the next day and the perfect guy he would be spending it with.

He barely slept that night, too nervous to find any rest. At 10 am he finally decided to get out of bed and to start getting ready for the day of his life. He went to the kitchen in an attempt to have some breakfast. His house wasn’t really big, there were two rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a little living room where they had been able to put a little sofa and a television. His mother did her best to provide Kai with everything he needed, but after her husband had passed way it had become a lot harder to earn a living that was sufficient enough for her and Kai. But she did the best she could because for her nothing was prettier than her son’s smile. And this morning her son had this particular smile on his lips which made her gaze at him with a questioning look. She poured him some orange juice and put a bowl of cereal in front of him. Kai started eating quietly, and he seemed to still be dreaming even if he was awake.

- Tell me honey, what are you smiling for ?
- Nothing mum !

But the woman noticed the blush creeping on Kai’s face and the young boy tried to avoid her knowing gaze, looking at his cereals with a particular attention. After a while he could almost tell exactly how many he had in his bowl. His mother sat in front of him and stared at her son lovingly, a sweet smile on her lips. She very well knew that this day was a big day for the students, and she also knew that it was common for students to go there with the person they liked. She watched the brunette eat slowly, studying the cute face she was so proud of. Kai looked a lot like her but on his face she could find the particular features of her beloved husband. The teenager let a content sigh escape his lips as he drunk his orange juice, and at that moment curiosity began to run through his mother’s veins again. She just knew that Kai wasn’t going watch the seniors’ match alone.

- So honey tell me, is she pretty ?

Kai swallowed slowly, thinking about carefully about his answer. Letting his mother know that he had a date was okay, but what about him being gay ? He didn’t want to make her sad or upset or whatever. So he thought about his answer for a little longer.

- Yes.

It was true! Uruha was pretty ! Okay, he wasn’t a girl but his mother seemed happy knowing this bit of information about her son’s date. But of course she wanted to know more.

- Do I know her ?
- Mmmh nope.

Seeing that the situation seemed to become more delicate Kai put his dished in the sink before kissing his mother’s cheek.

- Got to get dressed!

He ran upstairs and immediately went to the bathroom. He stayed in about an hour: showering, washing his hair, drying it and then next he got dressed, did his hair and finally brushed his teeth. Then he went to his mother’s room to look at his reflection in the big mirror on the big wardrobe. He had a satisfied smile on his face as he watched himself. He was wearing his blue jeans, a black t-shirt and a white shirt over it. It was simple but Kai liked the way he looked now.
His mother entered her room and saw her son.

- Honey, you look good.
- Thanks mum !

He smiled at her and started to go back to his room.

- Kai wait, lunch will be ready in few minutes.
- Oh sorry mum but I don’t feel like eating !

She let him go and went back to the kitchen, understanding how her son was feeling right now.
And in his room Kai was really feeling too nervous to be able to eat something. Now he just had to wait ‘till 2 pm. Such a long time and Kai wasn’t really patient... And on top of that time seemed to be passing agonisingly slowly.

Ten minutes before the hour Uruha was supposed to pick him up Kai went downstairs to put on his shoes and wait for Uruha. And when the door bell rang Kai almost jumped to the door and opened it. He screamed to his mother that he was going and quickly left before she had the chance to see the blond boy he was going with.

At first they weren’t really talkative, there was an awkward silence during which Kai looked at Uruha intensely, blushing when the thought of how sexy the blond was. The taller wore blue jeans too, a pink t-shirt and a white jacket. His sunglasses made him look like the popular guy he really was…

They started talking about random stuff and as time passed Kai started feeling less nervous, and started finally enjoying Uruha’s company. They arrived at their school’s football stadium where a lot of students had met up already. They were all giggling and screaming together. As the two tried to find a place to sit Uruha had to talk to some guys he knew there, Kai just stayed behind them a bit because he didn’t want to disturb them. Uruha came back to him quickly, smiling a little sheepishly but Kai just shrugged it off and they sat somewhere where they could see the stadium but where they were also hidden from all the people who Uruha knew. Then the match began and the teams came on the grass, fighting for victory. Between their conversations Kai and Uruha cheered them on, and applause when there was a goal.   

To be honest they didn’t enjoy the match as much as they enjoyed their little chat. Kai had gotten to know Uruha a bit more than just the cool and pretty guy he was and the brunette had found out that he seemed to like the blonde even more. On the other side Uruha had learned more about this shy boy and was very glad he had invited him. And on top of that their school won too! The afternoon was definitely perfect.

On the way back to his home Kai took a deep breath before let his hand find Uruha’s and hold it. The blond didn’t reject the brunette and they started walking even slower, they didn’t want their goodbyes to come just yet.

- So what do you think about today ?

Uruha’s voice was shy, he was scared that maybe Kai hadn’t enjoyed the afternoon spent by his side. But the smile on Kai’s face immediately chased away the blonde’s fear.

- I loved it !
- So … You won’t mind to … go on another date with me ?

Kai squeezed his hand before answering.

- I’d love to.

Uruha smiled and Kai did the same, and they kept walking in a pleasant silence, enjoying the others presence. At his street corner Kai stopped and Uruha looked at him a little worried.

- Is there a problem Kai ?
- No just… My mother is at home so …
- No need to explain I understand.

Kai smiled shyly, his hand still in Uruha’s, he watched their entwined fingers and felt his heart race with complete joy. Finally he had Uruha, he was with him holding his hand, and now he felt the desire of kissing the blond’s smiling lips.

- Uruha ?
- Yup ?
- Can I choose our next date?

The brunette felt really nervous but there was a place he really wanted Uruha to see. But his nervousness flew away as Uruha smiled and nodded.

- Of course !
- Great !

And then there was another silence, one that was quite unpleasant, the one before their goodbyes, the one before a long weekend without each other… Kai couldn’t let this weekend end like that! He had to do something before. With all his courage he managed to take Uruha’s chin between his fingers without shaking and kissing the tall blonde’s sweet lips. A shy but pleasant kiss, a kiss which you’d want to last forever. Finally Kai pulled back, his cheeks as pink as Uruha’s t-shirt. Both of them smiled shyly at each other and Uruha finally let go of Kai’s hand.

- I have to go now…
- Yeah…

They stared at each other, loving the silence between them, and in the end Uruha quickly kissed Kai once more before leave the other alone. He tried not to look back because the sight of the brunette would probably tempt him to go back to him and hug and hold him again. Kai looked at Uruha until he couldn’t see him anymore. He went back to his house, dizzy with happiness. This first date had been just perfect.

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