Kim (kiss_the_rain) wrote in kaix_xkai,

Happy Unbirthday - KaixRuki - Oneshot

Title: Happy Unbirthday
Chapter: Oneshot
Author: golden_kimono
Genre: AU, smut
Warnings: None
Rating: R
Pairing: KaixRuki
Summary: Ruki only wanted to buy Reita a birthday cake, but a stranger named Kai complicated matters by knocking it from his hands. Now, though, it looks like Ruki will be the one to have the best present himself.
Disclaimer: They're owned by themselves and by PSC, but certainly not by me.
Comments: I've started a Kai project for myself for the summer: 10 Days of Writing! This is the first prompt from the set (Situations): 'It’s my roommate’s birthday and you just made me drop the last cake in the store so help me either find a new one or bake a new one.'

Happy Unbirthday
Tags: fanfic, kaixruki

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