April 23rd, 2017

Reita Uwaa~

[Fanfiction - The GazettE] Whispers of Children [9/?]

Title: Whispers of Children
Author: sorrowofanangel
Chapter: 9 of ?
Genre: Romance, Angst, Drama, 1st Person narrative
Band: The GazettE
Pairing(s): Reita x Aoi/ Aoi x Reita (main) | Kai x Uruha/ Uruha x Kai | Reita x Kai (one-sided)
WARNING: Angst, schizophrenia, strong language
Rating: R
DISCLAIMER: No, I don't own the GazettE. If I did, I would have probably married Kai by now ♥(´∀`)♡
Synopsis: "I moved away to escape my past. Foolishly I believed a new start would help me forget. Help me move on. What I hadn't realised... was that it will follow you wherever you go. No one can know about my past. No one. And that includes Yuu..."
Chapter Summary: Akira's anger reaches breaking point and a shocking revelation comes to the surface.
Notes: Hey, I managed to keep to my own deadline! I hope the month wait was worth it. Please enjoy~ <3

Music: 千鶴 (Chizuru), 体温 (Taion) TRACES Ver. ~ The GazettE

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( "It's his fault" A voice was telling me, "It's his fault Kai's left" )